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Terms & Conditions

1. This event starts on 20th September 2021 00:00:01 (GMT+8) to 17th October 2021 23:59:59 (GMT+8).
2. Tickets will be given to our member through accumulated deposit during the period of 20th September 2021 00:00:01 (GMT+8) to 06th October 2021 23:59:59 (GMT+8).
3. The last submission date for the prediction will be 06th October 2021 at 23:59:59 (GMT +8). Any remaining ticket will be forfeited after the stated date.  
4. All kinds of deposit will be calculated and accumulated on your account regardless of with or without promotion during this period.
5. 1 Ticket shall be entitled to have only a (1) chance of prediction and the minimum deposit in order to gain 1 ticket is as followed:-

Total Deposit MYR300 - Receive 1 ticket (Total ticket = 1) 
Total Deposit MYR3000 - Receive 1 more ticket (Total ticket = 2) 
Total Deposit MYR10,000 - Receive 2 more tickets (Total ticket = 4) 
Total Deposit MYR30,000 - Receives 2 more tickets (total ticket = 6) 
Total Deposit MYR50,000 - Receives 2 more tickets (total ticket = 8) 
Total Deposit MYR70,000 - Receives 2 more tickets (total ticket = 10) 
Total Deposit MYR100,000 - Receives 5 more tickets (total ticket = 15)

6. Prize pool will be based on 0.37% of the TI10 Dota 2 Prize Pool exact number by replacing the currency from USD to MYR. The prize pool will change and update everyday according to the event.
7. The prize pool will be divided equally among the winners if there is more than one winner. The cash prize will be credited into member’s account main wallet. 
8. Winners should contact our LiveChat to claim their prize within 72 hours after the result announcement.
9. There is No Rollover requirement needed for the cash prize received. 
10. Royal77 reserves the right to disqualify the participant who try to fraud or bypass the event without prior notice.
11. Royal77 reserves the right to amend, modify, cancel, suspend or terminate the event and/or change the terms of the said promotion at any time without prior notice.
12. General Promotional terms & condition apply.

Date of Submission Predict Teams

Dota The International 2019

Royal77 accepted 10,000 predictions for Dota TI 2019. MYR126,950 will be the prize money this year’s event and congratulations to T******82 and m****ag win away our amazing cash prize with MYR63,475 each! Thank you for the overwhelming response from Royal77 users, and welcome back next year!

1st Place
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